I’ve lived long enough to have had a lot of ups and downs, and they have helped me to arrive at who I am today.  I’m a good example of a person growing into their future…a process, by the way, that never stops…hopefully. I’ve found that, over the past ten years, as I got into the internet, I came across articles, videos, links, and new subjects that interested me and that I wanted to share.  In retrospect, I had more time than many of my family and friends, and the amount of emails I sent them about things must have been overwhelming.  So, I had a brainstorm one day to start a blog where I could put all this information as I came across it, and they could review what I had found without being overwhelmed by emails.  Thus Intuitionconnection was born.  It’s without a lot of form or organization, just a reflection of what I’m looking into at any one time.


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