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Lots of different links I’ve been saving up for days.  But start with this first one…so beautiful!!

Beautiful Music

Chris Botti, Sting, Yo-yo Ma, Dominic Miller – Fragile

Hang Massive – Once Again – 2011 ( hang drum duo ) ( HD ), :: music info and downloads A short hang drum duo video filmed on an autumnal morning in the beautiful town of Bath Spa. Hang music by D…

Cool Photo Art

The Ball of Light That Changed a Life – Incredibly Inspiring Documentary

by FINERMINDS TEAM January 5, 2012

Denis Smith’s soul shines in his photography. Well it may not exactly be his soul, but the ball of light project oozes with soul, from the story, to the innovative, mysterious imagery, to the ignited community corralling around it. Check out the Ball of Light and all is stands for at his site,

But, like most things creative and important in life, the ball of life wasn’t planned, nor did it have a happy beginning. In fact, the inspiration that led Collins to discover this type of photographer was actually based in depression, excessive alcohol consumption, corporate servitude and a deep fear of loosing that spark of life. They say that rock bottom is the best foundation to jump for the sky, and that’s exactly what Collins did with his situation.

He immersed himself in Photography and the universe uncovered what he should do step by step. In this short documentary about his story, you will see how he pulled himself out of a dark corner, surrounded by an unfulfilling career and a diseased body, and created a visual movement that has inspired many. Enjoy!

Spiritual Mystery Book – a new genre??

A Spiritual Mystery Novel that Brings a Monk into the Modern World – by Gay Hendricks by FINERMINDS TEAM January 8, 2012

Awesomeness Fest alum and good friend Gay Hendricks has been a literary inspiration to the personal growth community for sometime now. The Big Leap, Conscious Living, Five Wishes, all absolute classics, and personal favorites of ours, so we were so excited to hear about his new book coming out this month, this time a spiritual mystery classic! In the novel called The First Rule of Ten, the protagonist Tenzing Norbu, “Ten” for short, is an ex-monk living out his dream of being a modern day Sherlock Holmes in the city of Los Angeles. The character is a spiritual warrior, and while enlightened but at times misplaced in the modern world, uses his life philosophy to teach the reader a lesson of change, mystery and the excitement of following ones dream. We know you guys are going to love it, so check out the trailer.

So what is the first rule of TEN?

“Don’t ignore intuitive tickles lest they reappear as sledgehammers.”

Enjoy the trailer for the book and pick up your copy at Amazon. 🙂

I had to go searching for this when Terry’s pictures crashed my computer today (old photos of her)!  I had to find it because it is absolutely, incredibly amazing.
Caroline Casey:   Looking past limits

Pixel of Ink

Pixel of Ink is a blog focused on allowing you to keep your Kindle loaded with books, without breaking your bank! Here’s what you will find on Pixel of Ink: * Free Kindle Books * The best Bargain Kindle Books under $1, $3, or $5 * Smashing Hot Deals (often 50% off or more!) * Tips for your Kindle Updated daily, Pixel of Ink will make sure you always have something to read!

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